Plan Your Trip

General Informations

How to come to Santa Maria:

From Lisbon, direct flight to Santa Maria on Thursdays and Sundays, with Azores Airline only.
Daily flight from Lisbon to São Miguel
Daily flight from São Miguel island to Santa Maria


How to come to the office:

The office is 5 min away from the airport by taxi (max. 10€) Office location

Ilha a Pé (Google Maps)

Starting point of the trail

The starting point of the trail is just in front of the hostel and 5 min from the office.

Forte de São Brás de Vila do Porto (Google Maps)

Where to stay before and after the trail:

In Vila do Porto:

- Youth Hostel of Santa Maria - 30m from the starting point - 300m from the office
- Casa dos Amigos 2 pax max. - 2 nights minimum stay - about 1km from office and starting point
- Charming Blue Hotel (3 nights minimum stay from May to September) - 450m from the starting point - 150m from the office

Outside of Vila do Porto:

- Hotel Colombo - about 4 km from the town center, office and starting point
- Hotel Santa Maria - about 4 km from the town center, office and starting point



What you need

What we give when we meet:

- Key
- Paper map
- Bed cover + pillow case (pillows are in the huts)

What you need to bring:

- Sleeping bag + towel
- There are no blankets in the huts but you can also rent a sleeping bag and towel at the office

What we also recommend:

- Hiking boots
- Sandals or similar for wearing indoors
- Backpack (45 to 55l)
- Light waterproof coat
- Sticks
- Hat, Sunglasses and Sunscreen
- Headlamp
- Bottle for Water
- Ear Plugs – good to have when you share an open space

In wintertime, be prepared for rain and mud. Bring good boots and waterproofing. Don’t forget to bring indoors shoes – nothing better than to have warm, dry feet while your hiking boots are drying in front of the wood stove.

During summer, bring a bathing suit because there are many places to jump into the ocean along the trail.

Santa Maria is the perfect island for those who like tranquility and nature, but also adventure!