The Shelters are old barns that have been rebuilt using traditional methods and ecological materials.

They all have:

4 single beds and 1 double bed
Hot shower with solar energy or wood water heater
Composting toilet
Drinkable tap water
A gas stove kettle, herbs for tea and sugar
A pot, a kettle, tea and coffee
Plates, Cups and Cutlery
12 volts electricity (Photovoltaic panel) with a USB plug to charge mobile phones and cameras
Wood stove for winter time
Barbecue and an outdoor gas burner
Reed bed treatment systems (plants) for water treatment, so please bring natural shower products

The Shelters are not equipped with a kitchen. Along the trail, you can stop at restaurants for lunch or buy food in the grocery shops (See Map). You can also order dinner made of traditional Portuguese and Azorean meals as well as the breakfast.


At the end of the first stage, you will arrive at the traditional village of Malbusca. The Shelter is on top of a hill, 400m away from the trail. At the end of the field, don’t miss the fantastic view of the south coast, and, when the sky is clear, the sunset on the sea.



Right aside of the trail, in a nice valley, you will find the Shelter of Lapa. More sheltered, surrounded by fields and forest, for one night, you will forget that you are on an island.



50m from the trail, in front of “Casa do Norte”, you will find the 3rd Shelter. With an open view of the ocean, only the gentle lowing of happy cows could disturb this peaceful place. In clear conditions, you can see the island of São Miguel and its lights at night. Try to find the small rocks of “Formigas” which are between Santa Maria and São Miguel. They are marked by a lighthouse (binoculars are in the Shelter).



Your last day will be at the Shelter of Raposo, which is the name of the bay nearby. From June, you can watch a fantastic sunset and, at night, have a little walk and listen to the eerie sound of the Cory’s Shearwaters, you won’t forget it. Sometimes they even swoop past near the windows!



Santa Maria is the perfect island for those who like tranquility and nature, but also adventure!